The International Right of Way Association is an organization comprised of professionals of every discipline that manage a right of way project from inception to completion.  Lawyers, appraisers, environmental specialists, relocation specialists, surveyors, engineers and land acquisitions specialists help make this diverse association an institution for emerging leaders in industry.  10,000 members strong, with Chapters throughout North America and affiliates in Japan, South Africa, and the Middle East, the IRWA is a global network at your fingertips that opens the doors to opportunities for employment, education, knowledge sharing, as well as personal and professional growth.

The IRWA harnesses the potential its members to foster an understanding of all aspects of a right of way development.  Through a diverse approach to projects and management of them, the association is committed to providing the tools necessary and ensuring that every right of way professional will be a cornerstone for success.

The paramount source for right of way education programs, the IRWA helps professionals gain the knowledge needed to establish themselves as leaders in their fields and to shape the future of acquisition projects.  Be part of an association that can help guide you on your Professionalism Pathway where you can customize your development to achieve certification in a particular field or pursue the highest Right of Way professional designation, the SR/WA.

Take the next step towards your future and become a leader with the IRWA.





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